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Research, Plan, insure,inform “” is the place to start.

Bruce Carberry CEO

Before you travel is important to properly research the area your planning your vacation. Is it a safe place to travel. What are the risks (most places pose risk even those that you would least expect). Insure. these days its just too risky not to insure your trip. For a fairly small amount of money you can rest assure if something goes wrong you will not lose the money you invested in your trip. What if two days before your going to leave you come down with the flu. It happens more than you would think. Or you or a member of your travel party has a family crisis. rest assure that you full insured your tip. Now you can just reschedule with no loss on your end. INFORM. Make sure your tell your family members about your trip. Give detail instructions of when your leaving, your flight info, where you are staying. Give names and numbers of the airlines hotels and any other info that they can use to find you. Give a planned call checklist with someone at home. So you call an contact them so they know all is well before during at at the end of your trip. Have private code you can use with them if you are in trouble but maybe cant talk while on the phone. God forgive something happens your chances of getting help will increase greatly with the sharing of yur travel info. If nobody know you went on vacation and something happens they may waste a lot of valuable time trying to figure out whats going on. These hours are critical for your safety. Everyone thinks they will be safe but we all have heard of horror stories people have endured while traveling. Dont become a statistic use “ as your first start to safety when traveling

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  1. Welcome to our “Blog at travel Crisis”. Please feel free to share your horror stories that you or a friend or family member went through in the past while traveling. Please try to include items that may have prevented your own personal “Travel Crisis” from happening. We want people to learn through others so that we can slowly help our members to learn to be safe when traveling. Nothing will guarantee 100% safety when traveling. However each thing we do to prepare for a crisis before we travel will help reduce the percentage of something going wrong. Thanks for all your future comment. If you feel this site could use anything or is lacking anything please feel free to sent the info to us by utilizing our contact info. Thank you..

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